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Hang out, Have fun

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Hey, this is Remy Kurt LeBeau II, more often known as RJ, and I am happy to reopen this fine establishment with the help of my beautiful cherie Stephanie Maria LeBeau, usually called Steph. Our imediate family will also be checking in and they also hold a degree of in-chargeness. So follow the rules, 'cause if one of them see you you'll be reported at once.

Ok, setting. There is a lounge, most of the furniture is beanbags but there are stool and couches. We have a gaming room, and a room with pool and poker tables, but please don't hog those. There's a bar and tables and booths. Upstairs there are apartments, but there's a hotel next door, so don't apply for an apartment to just use it as a one-night stand local. And yeah, you have to ask us for an apartment, though we won't say no to many.

- - -

Alright, so, rules. Updated since Teffie was here, if you knew them before please read them now because you only get one warning before you're banned. We really, really don't want to have to ban anybody but we will. This is a cool spot to play, let's keep it like that.

The Rules here are simple,

No Harassment (Modwise. In-character is one thing, harassing players for how they write, post, play will not be accepted.)
Basic Respect of Other Characters (Nothing non-consensual.)
No Vandilism (Accidents happen, but not on purpose.)
No Spamming (will result in deletion of post and warning, then banning.)
NC-17 posts must be under cuts and must have warnings

- - -