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Hang out, Have fun

April 7th, 2008

Music mechs @ 01:08 pm

Mood: creative creative

((cowritten with dajazzmech))

The Nexus is peaceful around the little silver Pontiac as it sits in front of Zeeter's bar and listens to the music coming from it.

Then a small, lanky Cybertronian with an expressionless face and a DDR screen on his chest walks over and looks closely at the car. Something about it seems familiar.... As might the emotionless voice that comes from his vocalizer. "Jazz?"

The car revs as if waking up, then makes a soft noise of surprise. "Soundwave?

"So, you survived." There's an odd trace of gladness in that mechanical voice. But then he tilts his head as he scans the other mech's shell and wonders at the odd composition. He makes no mention of the fact that he himself has been 'confirmed dead' for several hundred vorns.

Jazz revs again and shifts into his mech form, standing at full height before hunkering back down with a grin. "So did you, old man." He holds his hand out to him and laughs. "Please tell me you are here to get a handle on your wayward son."

Soundwave pauses in the act of slapping that hand to look up at him. "Wayward son?"

"Frenzy, man. The little glitch ain't causin' as much trouble now, but he's still in a bit of a bind." He grins at the way both of them slip back into their old behaviors.

The smaller mech tenses, his visor brightening as real emotion comes into his voice. "The files I accessed reported all Decepticons destroyed. He was overlooked?"

"More like they forgot his ability to take insane damage and live." He laughs softly. "He's found a way to make kids and he's livin' under a library in the sewers.

"Make kids...." Soundwave is obviously scanning his database and then shakes his head. "Is he sparkbonded?"

"Not that I can find, all I saw were the little ones, made from broken pieces." He frowns. "He stays down there, mostly to himself."

A small mech who looks like a robot bobcat wanders over and rubs against Soundwave's leg, and he goes to one knee to gently rub his symbiont/creation's ears as he thinks. His body language reads of emotions that the taciturn musician isn't likely to express.

"Still, he killed folks when we were still fighting, and after one of his little ones was killed in a hit and run with a taxi, he ran a steam roller over a traffic cop." Jazz grunted and crossed his arms over his chest. "Cause the the cop was the taxi man's son."

"Good," says Soundwave quietly. "He's learned to control his anger. Was it hard to placate the humans?"

"Well he also declared war on the humans, that took some talking down on my part, but anyway...lot of them assumed the whole thing was some crazy stunt, and Op talked with the goverment to get them to leave Frenzy and his kids be, but...Soundwave, the kids really are made of junk, and they die real easy." He sighs and looks up mournfully at the sky. "I dunno if things have improved but...Frenzy won't accept our help in caring for them."

The smaller mech is silent for a long moment more, then gives Ravage a last pat and straightens up. "I'll talk to him."

"Please...I got kids of my own, and I'd go crazy if they were in the same situation." He sighs and grins again, holding his hand out to wiggle his fingers at Ravage playfully. "I'm glad to see you both again."

"Have you?" asks Soundwave absently as he watches Ravage stand on his hind legs to sniff at the wriggly fingers. Then he seems to blink as he looks up. "Are you?"

Jazz nods and pets the cat gently with a finger. "I missed being your friend and working with you. I can't be a club dancer no more, not with a wife and kids." He smiles softly. "But...you're the only 'Con I like."

Soundwave looks down at the floor, more touched than he'll ever admit. But then he looks up again and tilts his head. "Wife?"

The way he says it can be interpreted as 'Who was stupid enough to bond with you?'

Jazz makes a sound like he's sticking out a tongue he does not have. "Thanks, and her name is Bumblebee."

The small musician starts and looks surprised, then returns his gaze to Ravage, who is trying to chew Jazz's fingers. "Congratulations."

He knows Bumblebee; has met her in the past on opposite sides of the battlefield. It seems odd to think of the little warrior bonded and a creator.

Jazz laughs softly. "I love her, and thanks man."

Soundwave nods, inscrutability restored. "Why are you here?"

Inside Zeeter's Mikaela's voice lifts up in laughter.

"Some friends are here." Jazz nods to the bar. "They're young humans."

Soundwave looks toward the open door. "You brought them here?"

"Yeah." He smiles. "I like the music too."

"Of course." The smaller mech walks over and looks inside, watching as the band plays the last number and waiting a moment for everyone to finish cheering before he starts playing a snappy techno dance tune. There are exclamations of surprise from inside, and then comes the sound of humans starting to dance again. Soundwave nods, then slowly backs away from the door and is pleased to see the humans spill out of the building and into the parking lot.

Look at that, Jazz, the party just came to you.

The bigger mech laughs and watches them for a moment before backing away a moment and starting into his own dance number. Spinning, standing on his head, falling and collapsing in time to the sound.

Soundwave watches for a moment, then smoothly changes to another tune and starts doing his own, complimentary moves as Ravage shifts to speaker form and plays backup.

* * *

It's late by the time the two bots finish their show, and Sam's nearly falling asleep on his feet as Soundwave hunkers and watches Mikaela bundle him into Jazz's alt mode.

Then the little 'Con stands, Ravage shifting and vanishing into his plating as he steps toward the Pontiac. "Take me, too."

Jazz's headlights blink. Then he sends a query over his comlink to Optimus. //Hey, boss mech, gotta question for ya.//

//Hmmm?// comes the sleepy response.

//Uh I kinda found Soundwave...or he found me at least, can I bring him back to base? The kids met him and all and he's not out to kill us,// he says in a plaintive voice like a child.

Optimus' next response is wide awake. //Is it our Soundwave? The one from our reality? Buried with Ravage in a lava flow?//

Jazz would nod if he wasn't in car mode //He's got the scars to prove it. Nasty lookin' even though he's healed.//

There's a moment's silence. Then, //Bring him. I'll meet you at the main entrance.//

Jazz sends an affirmative and pops open his side door. "Boss gave the okay, watch pokin' the kids."

Soundwave looks at them and hesitates, then turns and walks toward Jazz's rear. "Open your trunk."

"Hey, no, there's no need for that," protests Sam. "We can all fit. Really. And the trip's not that long."

"Yeah, and you can tell the kids all the embarrassing stories from when I was a runt." Jazz laughs. "Besides I have some speakers back in there."

More hesitation, but then the Decepticon musician returns and folds himself onto the passenger seat. "Very well."

Sam offers him a slightly zonked grin, and then starts babbling about the awesome show that he and Jazz had given everyone. Mikaela just grins and shuts her eyes to doze.

Jazz laughs softly as he closes the door behind Soundwave and cranks up his engine. "Man, you shoulda seen the crazy stuff we all did on Cybertron."

With that, and his deep voice recounting tales of back in his heyday, Jazz rolls on to home.
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Hang out, Have fun