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Hang out, Have fun

May 2nd, 2008

(no subject) @ 11:31 pm

Mood: depressed depressed

Stephanie walked into the bar slowly, hugging herself and wiping at her eyes as she walked in, spotting a familiar sight cleaning glasses.

"Hey, RJ type," she said softly, voice hoarse with shed tears.

The tall, lanky purple haired man blinked, red on black eyes widening as he registered the emotion.

"Steph? What happen?" he said quickly, putting the glass down.

"I'm ok," she said quickly, softly, putting a hand up. "I just... I don't really... wanna go home, and I was hopin'...."

"A room? Sure t'ing," he said, coming out from behind the bar and going to her, taking her hands.

"I also... I mean... I don't suppose... Little Steph might have...."

"Clothes? 'Course. Anytin' I can do," he said, eyes gentle and protective. "C'mon, I'll take you up so you can get a shower."

"Thanks," Steph said softly.
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Hang out, Have fun